Wikis are websites whose content can be created, edited, discussed, and changed by users working in collaboration. The word Wiki comes from the Hawaiian; meaning “quick,” it high­lights the easy, fast editing capability of Wikis. Best example of wiki is by no doubt Wikipedia. As long as you have Wikipedia’s five pillars in mind and comply with its copyright policy, there is no limit to your contributions to the world.

In an organizational context, the concept itself has been used decades ago. Remember patient’s board behind the clinic’ receptionists!! I wonder why grey’s anatomy still using the patient’s board that is constantly changing..

Anyway , the most common uses of wiki include:

>>>  Dashboard There are better calendering options out there, especially for group projects, but a wiki can be a great FOCUS TOOL for upcoming events. If you’ve got the kind of business that works on deadlines, and on projects, it’s a great way to put a kind of “dashboard” that shows deadlines, things to focus on, and maybe key contacts/resources for that time frame.
>>> Technical documentation:
>>> Knowledge bases
>>> Project Management tool
>>> Education & Learning
>>> Assessment tool : In some industries, when a firm manufactures or builds a product. It releases something like a beta version for internal use to test. So I guess, Wiki could be used to give evaluation or a try & error within a pre specified group of employees and build\correct as they contribute their experiences\usage of the product.

                                                      Wiki as part of HR’ Social Media Srtategy

You may wonder why HR.? It is basically because our INN346 team is working on applying Enterprise 2.0 to an HR department and we are asking questions related to the best strategies to adopt Social tools in HR department and What and How can they benefits from these tools.

We know that HR has been using social tools for recruitments for quit sometime. In fact,  Bart Byl in social media strategy for Human Resources (HR) post stated that in 2010, only 6% of companies were using social media for recruiting? Today, that’s exploded to 89%.but what else that is specific to HR ?

When I first think about what possibly wiki could do to help HR department, I try to apply Wikipedia use application to HR dept. But in fact it can’t be!!

The main pillars that we talked about earlier don’t entirely apply to Organization use of wiki because:

>>> The Organization’s use of wiki is strictly internal (only a pre specific group of authentic employees).
>>> It has an owner (the HR department) who initiates wiki and give permissions to specific group to edit within certain privileges.
>>> The policy will be much stricter than of Wikipedia
>>>It is compulsory to use

And if you think about it ,  this also apply to any organization’s social tools used internally compared to thos public social application.  

 So please, what you think  : what possible use of wiki that specific to HR department?…See below a typical structure of HR department and its main sub-departments

If we use Google Docs instead (which almost the same concept as Wiki ) , Could HR use it for:

As Repository System : the document could include lots of information of interest to other employees in regards to the HR main functions like training procedure, leave forms…., act. And it grows gradually as HR dept. adds more content.

A Support system: the document could be Q&A where previous questions and answers can be posted as well as any new Q&A that could be added.   ….so it is something a HR knowledge sharing platform

I will keep updating this post with your valuable comments to make it more useful.